Mitchell K. Jordan's 'Fractured Seconds' Exhibition: A Glimpse into the Past

If you were seeking an engaging and thought-provoking way to spend an evening, Wester Gallery was the place to be. The spotlight was on Mitchell K. Jordan's solo exhibition, 'Fractured Seconds,' an event that delved deep into the mind and experiences of this talented Novocastrian artist.

In 'Fractured Seconds,' Jordan focused on the currents of the political climate, offered social commentary, and explored the significant ideas of our time. However, his artistic vision extended beyond the grand narratives, delving into the smaller, often overlooked moments of life that hold a profound significance. Each artwork in this exhibition was a labor of love, meticulously hand-carved, hand-printed, numbered, stamped, and signed, creating an intimate and personal connection between the artist and the audience.

Mitchell K. Jordan's work is a reflection of his personal thoughts, experiences, and imagination. Through his mastery of mood, tone, and atmosphere, he skillfully captured moments that felt frozen in time. The intensity of his creations was palpable, drawing viewers in and inviting them to explore the deeper layers of meaning within each piece.

The opening night on Friday, May 5th, was a memorable experience, where art enthusiasts and curious minds gathered to immerse themselves in the world of 'Fractured Seconds.' However, the exhibition ran until May 20th, offering ample opportunities for art lovers to engage with Jordan's powerful work.

For those eager to explore this captivating exhibition, Wester Gallery extended its hours from Wednesday to Friday, opening its doors from 10 am to 3 pm, and on Saturdays from 10 am to 2 pm. Private viewings were also available by appointment.

'Fractured Seconds' was not just an exhibition; it was a journey through time, a reflection on the human experience, and an invitation to delve into the mind of a talented artist. We are grateful to Mitchell K. Jordan for sharing his artistic vision with us and to all the art enthusiasts who joined us in celebrating creativity.

Stay tuned for more exciting exhibitions and events at Wester Gallery as we continue to bring the magic of art to our community.