Group Exhibition

Opening night: Friday, 15th March. 6pm - 8pm
On view: 15th - 30th March

"Step into a realm where artistic expressions transcend the boundaries of the present, inviting you on a journey that stretches across the continuum of ever-changing moments. 'Ever And A Day' brings together a diverse group of visionary artists whose creations explore the timeless dance between past, present, and future. Through a kaleidoscope of mediums and perspectives, this exhibition unveils a tapestry of emotions, memories, and dreams, inviting you to contemplate the infinite threads that weave the fabric of our existence. Join us in this celebration of artistic exploration, where every stroke, colour, and form tell a story that resonates through ever and a day".

Featuring work from; Xavier Lane, Michelle Brodie, Emma Currie, Christian Dimick, Justin Lees, Ronan Pirozzi, Bridgitte Ferrier, Luke O'Donnell, Squidless Studios and George Raftopoulos.

To RSVP or request a pre show catalogue, please email us at info.wester.gallery



    Ever and a Day - Group Exhibition
    Opening Reception; 15th March. 6pm - 8pm

    On view; 15th - 30TH March

  • Upcoming

    Heidi Lai / Solo Exhibition

    Opening Reception; 5th April. 6pm - 8pm

    On view; 5th - 20th April


    'SMILE' / Heath Nock - Tahlia Undarlegt

    1st - 16th November, 2023


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