As an artist deeply inspired by the ocean, Wolfenden's work aims to evoke a sense of nostalgia and admiration for the sea. His journey with surf art began during his formative years, particularly in year 12, when a painting "Mother Of Curl" was showcased in Art Express. This experience ignited a passion within Wolfenden to continue exploring and capturing the beauty of surfing and the ocean.

His latest collection strives to convey the elegance and dynamism of surfing through vibrant and expressive compositions. Each painting is a reflection of experiences and memories by the sea, aiming to take viewers on a visual journey through the waves.

Through careful attention to detail and a vivid colour palette, he hopes to bring to life the energy and grace of surfers in their element. His goal is to encapsulate the fluidity and power of the ocean, allowing viewers to feel a connection to the water and the thrill of the surf.

Matthew invites you to immerse yourself in these scenes and experience the nostalgia and joy that the ocean brings.

2 - 17 August, 2024


Chico Leong - 'Beautiful Chaos'

Known for his approach to mixed media, Chico's exhibition immerses viewers in a tapestry of composition, texture, and narrative. "Beautiful Chaos" invites audiences to witness the convergence of disparate elements, seamlessly put together to create a symphony of visual intrigue. Through Chico's manipulation of found images and his own photography, each collage becomes a portal into a world where chaos and beauty intertwine. With a keen eye for composition, Chico breathes new life into forgotten fragments, transforming them into works of art that transcend the boundaries of traditional expression. His collages are not merely assemblages of materials but rather windows into the soul, inviting viewers to contemplate the complexities of existence. There is no right or wrong way to view his work. Although each piece comes from a positive place, Chico encourages viewers to look into the work and see what feeling they come out with. It can be negative or positive. Everyone’s reaction should be different because no human is the same

28 June - 6 July, 2024




  • 1 - 18 DECEMBER, 2023

    Presenting a fresh series of sectional perspective paintings, navigating through landscapes and capturing still life’s adorned with toys. Progressing onto blocks of rich hues, at times concluding with the inclusion of meticulous patterning. Playful colours invite the viewer to focus into the image while the forms move you into a thinking state, where the question of “what is happening” is met. Nock mentioned while asked about the work's origins, “They are what my dreams look like. Since I was a kid, I've had this recurring dream slash nightmare of being in a tiled red lit room, where my face is pressed hard against a static filled television. What comes next is a series of images and numbers. It’s frightening but strangely “normal”.


  • 3 - 18 NOVEMBER, 2023

    Featuring six First Nations artists working across Country, MOB DEEP explores artworks created using more traditional mediums, such painting and drawing, and how their works extend and connect within a contemporary context.

    Each artist in this exhibition brings to the forefront their own journey and personal connections through their work, simultaneously linking the past with the present and future.

    Artists include Otis Hope Carey (Gumbaynggirr Bundjalung), Billy Bain (Darug), Dhiyal Dhun (Maddy Hodgetts) – (Wangaaypuwan Ngiyampaa, Wiradjuri), Kayleb Waters-Sampson (Gomeroi), Stuart Tucker (Biripi) and Jeremy Coward - (Gomeroi)


  • 8 - 23 SEPTEMBER, 2023

    Embark on a journey of emotions at our captivating group art exhibition, "Of Greetings and Goodbyes," where the vibrant artistic voices of Australia's east coast converge. This unique showcase brings together a diverse collective of talented artists hailing from the coastal stretches of this beautiful country."Of Greetings and Goodbyes" encapsulates the intricate web of human connections, shared stories, and individual journeys that span our coastal communities. Join us in celebrating the shared narratives and diverse perspectives that weave together in this remarkable showcase, reminding us that within each greeting and goodbye lies a profound story waiting to be told.


  • 4 - 26 AUGUST, 2023

    “I Saw Your Ghost Tonight” invites viewers to engage with the artwork on a deeply personal and emotional level. The textures, colours, and symbolism woven into each piece encourage introspection and evoke dormant emotions. It is through this intimate connection that Justin hopes to foster a shared experience, prompting contemplation on the universal themes of love, loss, and the indomitable spirit of those who leave an indelible mark on our lives.

    Through this exhibition, Justin pays tribute not only to his father, Max Lees, but also creates a space of solace and reflection for all who encounter it. “I Saw Your Ghost Tonight” serves as a reminder that memories and legacies endure, forever haunting the corners of our hearts, even in the face of loss.

    Justin Lees invites you to embrace the ephemeral nature of existence, to honour the presence of those who have departed, and to celebrate the profound connections that transcend time and space.


  • 5 - 20 MAY, 2023

    The work contained within is a collection of hand block cut prints that continue the exploration into my mind that began in Exhibit I ‘Viral Communication’ (2016).I create work that is a reflection of my thoughts, personal experiences and imagination, with an intent to reproduce moments frozen in time, that can be a close representation to the actual experience or completely reinterpreted and destroyed by memory, imagination or emotions. With a deep attention to mood, tone and atmosphere, My work emits an overwhelming intensity, due to the personal connection and attention to detail found within my work. Reflecting the ‘big ideas’, ‘political climate’ and ‘social commentary’ of our time, I’m also just as interested in the small fleeting moments, the feelings, the personal experience & the inexplicable.


  • 31 MARCH - 22 APRIL, 2023

    This body of work explores my day-to-day life at home and around town in Maitland. Taking time to really see the smaller elements of domestic life, most of the works have been produced while I was pregnant and capture a subtle playfulness and quirk that reflects my style and personality. A progression into working with oil in recent years, this is my first show of a dedicated body of work in this medium. I just love the feel of the paint to surface, it is unlike any other mediums I have used and I think that love shows in this latest offering of paintings. Having moved to Maitland only around 4 years ago, I found creating this body of work good for the soul. It explores themes of place, what makes a home and the familiar objects that form part of my days.


  • 3 - 25 FEBRUARY, 2023

    The Formation exhibition sees Graham bringing his trademark geometric structure, and bold colours, pushing the boundaries of maximalist creations in a minimalist style. Graham challenges himself as an artist to do as much as possible within the scope of minimalist artworks. The paintings within the Formation exhibition are on a large 120cm x 90cm canvas platform. Every line, every colour, and every shape needs to carry the maximum level of impact and meaning while still complementing the surrounding components.



  • 2 - 24 DECEMBER, 2022

    WESTER presents 'Nothing Can Stop Us Now' - a curated selection of paintings, photography and sculptures to celebrate the end of year approaching. These works are from artist both locally and interstate from artist that we have worked with or admired from a far.

    Nothing Can Stop Us Now celebrates the longer days with those we love and cherish, the end of year where days of the week are forgotten, the beer is cold, sun is warm and the laughs are full.

    Works from artist; Brett Piva, Adam Lang, Ryan Nix, Lauren Bamford, Rosie Turner, Heath Nock, Pat Mavety, Zoe Tjanavaras, James Rhodes, Sally Bourke, Justin Lees, Liam Beletich, Harrison Nutall, Alexandra Plim, Luke O'Donnell, Liam Power, Lincoln Jubb and Rosie Turner.



  • 4 - 26 NOVEMBER, 2022.

    Persephones's Gardner explores the interconnectedness of life and death, new growth and a change of season, and the balance between chaos and serenity in nature. Hypnotised by tiny details, textures and patterns of the natural world, Shannon documents the changing seasons of local bushland and curb-side gardens.

    Persephone, Queen of the Underworld and Goddess of Spring, symbolises the death and regeneration of nature and ourselves. A reminder to find balance and accept the ebb and flow.For Shannon it's all about the flowers, which seemingly mimic moments of personal growth, change, love, loss and hope. Each piece is a celebration of discovery, tiny blessings and daily rituals; and an exploration of the incomparable elegance and chaos of nature.


  • 7 - 29 OCTOBER, 2022

    Sling goods and camera carry brand Hung Supply proudly presents DEPOSITORY, a group photography show. An assemblage of images from Hung Supply’s global creative community, DEPOSITORY consists of daily observations and street scenes predominantly shot on 35mm and 120 film.

    More than a brand, Hung Supply is motivated by the intersections of cities, people and sub-cultures and exists to influence creative output within these spaces.


  • 2 - 24 SEPTEMBER

    These artworks are a part of an ongoing inquiry and documentation of the complexities of suburban life; a concept central to ‘little things’ amounting to profound transformation and/or consequence. This body of work highlights the truth of, and despite our best attempts at times, avoiding and experiencing the full spectrum of emotions which lead us to where and who we are in this very moment. Looking, listening, and feeling drives this series to inquire who we are and what we want, both individually, and collectively. I like to imagine my paintings as windows; to look outward or inward as a quest for deeper understanding, compassion, and empathy. There is always more; more joy, more pain, more reason for being, more reason for doing - We owe it to ourselves to understand - to be understood.


  • 5 - 27 AUGUST, 2022

    Through the use of visual puns and the re-contextualising of existing imagery, Jacob presses us to look at banal imagery in new light. The recycling of imagery is important to Jacob’s practice, in an image saturated world, he sees it as reducing what he calls "visual pollution".

    With a deadpan, tongue-in-cheek style, and a limited colour palette, his work explores concepts of Australian identity, often using references to sport, class, colonialism, alcoholism, pub culture and gambling.

    "A Bit On" is an amalgamation of ideas affected by lived events in Australia over the last year. It is a combining of a few different trains of thought, a collection of small series'. The disastrous floods on the east coast, specifically in the Northern Rivers play a major part in the works included in this exhibition. The lino prints are made with actual pieces of lino ripped up from the floors of a heritage home in Murwillumbah. All of the imagery and most of the materials in this show are found. They act as a direct and real reflection of who we are as a nation.


  • 1 - 23 JULY, 2022

    Welcome to Wester Gallery and our inaugural exhibition, "At a Glance: The Beginning." As we open our doors for the first time, we invite you to embark on a journey through this captivating showcase of artistic talent.

    "At a Glance: The Beginning" is more than just an exhibition; it's a celebration of the diverse perspectives and creative visions that form the cornerstone of our artistic community. Featuring works from a dynamic group of emerging and established artists, this collection offers a glimpse into the myriad stories, emotions, and ideas that shape our world.

    From vibrant abstract compositions to thought-provoking conceptual pieces, each artwork in this exhibition invites viewers to pause, reflect, and immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of human experience. Through a variety of mediums and techniques, these artists explore themes of identity, memory, nature, and the passage of time, inviting viewers to ponder their own place within the ever-evolving narrative of art and culture.

    "At a Glance: The Beginning" marks the start of a new chapter for Wester Gallery, one filled with boundless creativity, innovation, and collaboration. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey as we continue to celebrate and support the vibrant artistic community that surrounds us.

    Thank you for being a part of our inaugural exhibition, and we hope you enjoy exploring "At a Glance: The Beginning" as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to life.