Exhibit II ‘Fractured Seconds’

by Mitchell K Jordan (a.k.a ‘Knife Voices’).

The work contained within is a collection of hand block cut prints that continue the exploration into my mind that began in Exhibit I ‘Viral Communication’ (2016).

I create work that is a reflection of my thoughts, personal experiences and imagination, with an intent to reproduce moments frozen in time, that can be a close representation to the actual experience or completely reinterpreted and destroyed by memo- ry, imagination or emotions.

With a deep attention to mood, tone and atmosphere, My work emits an overwhelming intensity, due to the personal connection and attention to detail found within my work. Reflecting the ‘big ideas’, ‘political climate’ and ‘social commentary’ of our time, I’m also just as interested in the small fleeting moments, the feelings, the personal experience & the inexplicable.

All works are hand carved, hand printed, numbered, stamped and signed. (No machinery or presses are used in the process)

Mitchell K. Jordan is a printmaker who resides in Newcastle, NSW. The city in which he was born in 1985. Working in the arts and publishing for over 15 years, he has had his work featured in many national and international publications and galleries.