This body of work explores my day-to-day life at home and around town in Maitland. Taking time to really see the smaller elements of domestic life, most of the works have been produced while I was pregnant and capture a subtle playfulness and quirk that reflects my style and personality. 

A progression into working with oil in recent years, this is my first show of a dedicated body of work in this medium. I just love the feel of the paint to surface, it is unlike any other mediums I have used and I think that love shows in this latest offering of paintings.

Having moved to Maitland only around 4 years ago, I found creating this body of work good for the soul. It explores themes of place, what makes a home and the familiar objects that form part of my days.

“Since November last year Kimberly and I have met regularly to discuss art and building of a life with and around painting as part of the  Newcastle Art Space Mentor program. As time has gone by, she has been completing the work for her solo show Spontaneous Observations. These paintings are sharply observed with an individual eye that picks out objects and scenes that we see every day. Kimberley has turned the ordinary into adept, inviting works with subject matter and composition that are distinctly her own.”

- Rachel Milne

Opening night / Friday 31st, March 6pm

Exhibition is open for viewing 31 March - 22 April

Gallery hours
Wednesday - Friday 10am - 3pm
Saturday 10am - 2pm

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    Solo exhibition / Kimberly Swan

    31st March - 22nd April

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    Solo exhibtion / Graham Eldridge

    3rd - 25th February 2023

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    NOTHING CAN STOP US NOW / Group show

    2nd - 24th, December